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Ben Baron - Goodwinol Products Corp

Ben Baron

Ben Baron started Goodwinol Products Corporation in the late 1940’s. With an interest in chemistry from working in his father’s drug store he developed Goodwinol Ointment to aid in the alleviation of symptoms caused by demodectic mange on dogs. Over 50 years ago Mr. Baron “cooked” up Goodwinol Ointment in the kitchen of his Long Island home, and filled it into tubes in his basement.  Back then he told his young daughter his goal was to sell at least 144 of the 1 oz. tubes each month.  Now, his legacy lives on through Goodwinol animal healthcare products and through his family who continue to run the business he started.

Elli - Goodwinol Products Corp

Elli Rathbun

Elli Rathbun moved from Long Island to Colorado in 1970 to attend Colorado State University.  She worked in several fields including restaurant management, the Colorado State University Physical Plant and the trucking industry.   Ben Baron moved his company to Colorado in 1987 and Elli and her two young sons moved to the high plains to run the business. VetRx and LeGear products were acquired over the years.  They raised pigs, sheep, goats, chickens, horses, dogs and cats. There were always lots of animals to use Goodwinol, VetRx and LeGear veterinary products on. The company still runs out of the barns and outbuildings on the property.

Angela - Goodwinol Products Corp

Angela Michal

Angela Michal joined Goodwinol Products as a part time employee in July, 1996.  It wasn’t long before she was working full time.  She oversees shipping and receiving and helps with day to day running of the business. Before Angela came to Goodwinol she worked alongside her husband running their family farms.

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