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Goodwinol Products Corp

Our ointment formula got us started in this industry, and we still proudly carry the same Goodwinol Ointment today. With a deep passion for animal healthcare and a desire to help you find the trustworthy products you need, we offer multiple Goodwinol Products for your convenience.

Goodwinol Ointment - Goodwinol Products Corp


This nationally recognized ointment is the safe alternative to harsh chemical dips and can be used to soothe symptoms of canine mange. Goodwinol Ointment contains both benzocaine and lanolin.

Recommended for use on canines.

Available in 1 oz & 1 lb Containers


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Goodwinol Shampoo - Goodwinol Products Corp


This all-purpose shampoo works wonders on cats, dogs, kittens, and puppies. It contains cedar oil which is naturally occurring insecticide. Goodwinol Shampoo helps alleviate itching, flaking, and excessive scratching.

Can be safely used on puppies & kittens as young as 6 weeks old. 

Available in 8 oz, 1 qt & 1 gal Bottles


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Out Dam spot - Goodwinol Products Corp


Farewell to smells and “be gone” to spots! Our pet stain and odor remover has been carefully formulated to remove stains, spots, and odors from nearly any surface.

Out Dam Spot works on pet urine, feces, vomit, and body oils. It also works well for human-caused stains. 

Available in 32 oz Bottles


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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions about Goodwinol Ointment:

Q: My dog is licking the ointment, what do I do?
A: Some dogs like the taste. When applying Goodwinol Ointment, be sure to rub it in well.

Q: My dog ate a jar of Goodwinol Ointment, what should I do?
A: Nothing. Your dog might vomit or develop diarrhea but these symptoms are temporary and not life threatening.


Q: The Goodwinol Ointment that I recently purchased is much darker in color, has it gone bad?
A: No, if the ointment appears darker or contains dark specks, just stir the ointment well before use.

Products can be purchased from distributors or your local veterinarian.  Click here for a list of retail locations where products can be purchased.

Please get in touch with our team if you have any questions.

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