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Our company began with one product, Goodwinol Ointment for dogs. Over time we have added several other products for the well being of pets and livestock. Our products are time tested, all-natural and manufactured in the USA.

VetRx Veterinary Aid Goodwinol Products Corp - Animal Health

VetRx promotes healthy upper respiratory function and is available for most animals from goats to guinea pigs. View VetRx Products.

LeGear - Goodwinol Products Corp

Dr. LeGear’s products were formulated more than century ago. These remarkable formulas are still being used today for the manufacture of Udder Ointment and Stock Power. View LeGear Products.

Goodwinol Products Corp

You know you can trust Goodwinol products formulas because they are truly time tested. View Goodwinol Products.

Products can be purchased from distributors or your local veterinarian. Click here for a list of retail locations where products can be purchased.

Goodwinol Products Corp
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