You sent us the nose drop for cats, and I've been using it on my cat Isolda. She has respiratory issues since she was born and I've tried everything to help her breathe better. It was common for me to wake up every day in the middle of the night to clean her nose, because I could hear that she was struggling to breathe. And then... I started using your product. IT WORKS LIKE MAGIC. After putting s…Read More

    Milena B
  2. Quick and Easy To Use

    I drove to the next city to buy VetRx Poulty Remedy for my coughing chicken before I left for Christmas vacation because no one in my town had it in stock! I was so relieved that it worked so quickly and was so easy to use. Plus it smells great! Made leaving for a week much less stressful!…Read More

    Brittney C.
  3. So Happy

    I got this because the medicine that was recommended to me wasn't available. I had a pullet that was audibly wheezing, and VetRx Poulty Rememdy made her better in less than 24 hours. I cropped a couple drops in her mouth, rubbed it on her beak, and dropped a couple drops under each wing. I'm so happy they didn't have what I thought I needed because this worked great and it's all natural!…Read More

    M. Guz
  4. Worked Like A Charm!

    I purchased my first chickens ever last month. They were starters because I didn’t want to raise them from peeps. The second day I noticed that one of the chickens had gooey eyes. No matter how much I tried to clean them out the next day they were gooey again. She was also a little wheezy at night. The salesgirl at TSC recommended VetRx. It has worked like a charm! I put a few drops in their wat…Read More

    Missy D.
  5. Solved My Problems

    Hello, I'd like to thank you and congratulate you on your excellent product, Goodwinol Ointment.  Several times per year I visit Cuba and bring meds for pets and people with me. There are many street dogs with mange due to malnutrition.  Mange has been impossible to cure until I found Goodwinol.  It is miraculous.  Just FYI it also cures skin fungus.  Two dogs with out of control dermal yeast…Read More

    Allie C.
  6. Incredible Results

    I used Goodwinol Ointment to treat demodex bald spots on my French Bulldog pup. Hair started to grow back in a week!…Read More

    Cori L.
  7. Amazing!

    Goodwinol Ointment is one of the best ointments available for skin care on dogs! I used on my Chihuahua's hotspots, mange and it is all cleared up! Amazing!…Read More

    JoAnn F.
  8. Magical!

    Fabulous company. Magical product.…Read More

    Lori Ann Hayes
  9. Thank You Goodwinol

    Have found from my own personal experience that Goodwinol are as helpful and quick to reply as I had heard. Thank you Goodwinol -  so appreciated :)…Read More

    Sandy Smit