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    What We Offer

    Hello, and welcome to the Goodwinol Products Corporation blog! Today, we’re back with some helpful information for animal owners and lovers. In this blog, we’re simply going to discuss the product lines we offer to our customers and provide a little information about them!  Keep reading to learn more. Goodwinol Products As you likely know, we offer a line of products under the Goodwinol name!…Read More

  2. Happy young dog looking off into the distance, free of mange.

    Mange: What It Is and How To Treat It

    Goodwinol Products’ flagship product, Goodwinol Ointment, was originally designed as a treatment for demodectic mange and fills a niche for those pet owners who want to relieve and treat mange without subjecting their dog to other treatments made from harsh chemicals. It soothes the skin and fosters healing in dogs with demodectic mange, providing near-instant relief to affected areas and helpin…Read More