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How It All Started

Goodwinol began with one product, Goodwinol Ointment. Ben Baron and his father were continually formulating new products in the drugstores they owned. With the Goodwinol Ointment formula they knew they had something special. The Veterinarian who conducted the clinical testing was Dr. Goodwin, hence the name Goodwinol Ointment.

Back in the 1950’s Ben made the ointment himself. He’d cook it in a huge stainless steel stock pot on the kitchen stove. Then he’d carry it down to the basement where he had a commercial mixer. He would mix it up, then pour it into the hopper which would fill one tube at a time. After the tubes were filled, each was put into a small box. If we sold 144 (he always called it a “gross”) a month, we were doing well.

Goodwinol Products Corp

While the company was in its infancy, Ben was going to school to complete his degree in Education. He started teaching in 1957 and taught into the 1970’s while continuing to run and grow his small business.

save-the-baby-Goodwinol Products Corp

"Save The Baby"and The Origins of VetRx

VetRx was originally formulated in 1874 during a child croup epidemic. Back then it was called, “Save the Baby” and was used strictly on humans for treating congestion, bronchitis, croup and upper respiratory discomfort. We have made some minor changes over the years and it is now strictly an animal application, and it is one of the safest products on the market. VetRx is not a prescription product so anyone can get it and use it, and it can also be used in combination with other prescribed treatments and antibiotics because it is a natural product.

Goodwinol Today

Through the years, Goodwinol has slowly grown into the company it is today. In 1987 the company moved from New York to Colorado, and Ben’s daughter Elli took over operations.  Along the way we added VetRx and LeGear Products.

As long as there is a need for all-natural, safe products that promote health in livestock and animals, then Goodwinol Products will be there to meet that need.

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