Become A Recognized Distributor

First and foremost, if you’re currently selling any Goodwinol Products but you’ve not been officially recognized, contact us today! We regularly send out official retailer referrals to our client base to promote those who promote us — again, it’s important to us that we help communities and our customers thrive!

Now if you don’t currently carry Goodwinol Products, we urge you to become a distributor! We craft high-quality, time-tested, and customer-approved products that supplement and improve your animals’ overall quality of life. From mange treatments to respiratory health tonics, our products are staples on farms, in homes, and with animal lovers around the country.

What’s more, the process to become a distributor of Goodwinol Products is easy and stress free! All we need you to do is reach out to us and let us know you’re interested in becoming a distributor.

To become a distributor, email us at

Find A Distributor

Now if you’re here because you’d like to find a Goodwinol Products distributor near you, don’t worry! We can help with that too. We’ve created a directory with the individual products we offer and specific retailers where you can find them. Check that out here.

Goodwinol Products Corporation

At Goodwinol Products Corporation, we’re committed to creating great products that help animals and humans alike live their best lives, and we’re dedicated to promoting, supporting, and uplifting small businesses that share our passions.

We hope this page has directed you to the answers and information you’re looking for, but if not we ask you to reach out to us. We’d love to help ensure you have a great experience with our company and the products we create. To get a hold of a customer service representative, please fill out the form below.